RAIDx recently hosted a successful 2-week long scavenger hunt in partnership with the Capstone community in the City of Red Deer. The purpose of the event was to safely engage with the citizens of Red Deer and help them discover the array of new shops, boutiques, and local businesses within the newly constructed Capstone community. Additionally, the event was designed to the connection between the new community and the historic downtown center. RAIDx worked with Capstone to design the course while providing customer support and logistics every step of the way.

“We were thrilled when Capstone contacted us to help them host this event. The event was called ‘The Capstone Quest,” and it was designed into two separate scavenger hunts. The first course took families and children along a 2km route through the Capstone community, while the other brought participants to 15 different checkpoints along a 3.5km route. This family-friendly event drew families of all sizes and young adults, ultimately bringing together the people of Red Deer for a wonderful community-driven experience,” says RAIDx Founder, Dimitry Galamiyev.

Participation was registered through the RAIDx app, which registrants were required to download on their mobile device. From there, all they had to do was make it to the starting point, which was the beautiful Canada 150 Square in Capstone. Once they launched the quest in the RAIDx app, they were given a list of clues that they had to solve and find within the city.

“We were well aware of the COVID-19 concerns during this 2-week long scavenger hunt as well, and that was something that we thought about intensively while planning. For that very reason, the event was decentralized, giving participants the opportunity to complete the scavenger hunts on their own time during the two week period,” says Galamiyev.

Capstone rewarded participants with $750 in gift card prizes, which were distributed randomly to 22 individual participants which could be found on the Capstone website. To create a bit of friendly competition, RAIDx also rewarded the top two teams who collected the most checkpoints with $300 in gift cards to their favorite local businesses. The Razmatazmanian Devils captured first place with more than 1200 points, and The Spady’s came in second place with 900 points.

“This event really was a major success for RAIDx and for the City of Red Deer as a whole – we were thrilled to be part of it!”

RAIDx is a platform and events company that helps organizations engage and grow their communities through safe, digitized location-based adventure challenges. Through the RAIDx platform, users and organizations create exciting events that take participants to digital checkpoints throughout a city, bringing them to locations all throughout their local community. Participants who collect the most checkpoints and capture them within the RAIDx app before the timers run out win the challenge.

RAIDx has already hosted a number of successful community-based events and thousands of Canadians from coast to coast have experienced the excitement that a RAIDx event has to offer.

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