In 2013, The City of Red Deer broke ground on a significant road and infrastructure improvement program including a new intersection at Taylor Drive and Ross Street and the development of the Riverwalk pathway and Green Spine. These improvements effectively made way for the redevelopment of Capstone, a new urban community centered in downtown Red Deer along the Red Deer River. Since 2013, a series of connective infrastructure programs have been delivered in and around Capstone to literally connect the aspiring community to the rest of the city.

Connective infrastructure refers to structures - such as roads, sidewalks, bridges, and crossings that help connect communities within a city. Ensuring for the active and easy flow and movement of vehicles pedestrian, bicycles, scooters, buses, and emergency vehicles, in and around a community is critically important. Active transportation provides tangible benefits to communities, shortening commute times for families, improving access and egress conditions, creating good middle-class jobs, growing the economy, promoting healthier lifestyles, cutting air and noise pollution, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Since the new configuration of Taylor Drive was established, additional projects have been delivered to further improve permeability, visibility and buildability of the community.  

  •  New intersection was established at Taylor Drive and Alexander Way to better serve residents, visitors and businesses within the community.
  • To connect Red Deerians to both nature and the downtown shopping district, Riverwalk – a dedicated pedestrian and cycling pathway - was established along the south bank of the Red Deer River.
  • The first phase of Green Spine was added which connects the intersection of Taylor Drive and Ross Street to Alexander Way through the heart of the community
  • Significant road improvements have occurred including the reconstruction of Alexander Way from Taylor Drive to the riverfront (45 Street), including a new intersection on Alexander Way at the Green Spine, and the reconstruction of 45 Street along the riverfront and to the south-east. 

Easy access via the Green Spine

In keeping with the approved infrastructure projects for Capstone, this fall the Capstone project team will seek to identify a Construction Partner to deliver the next phase of the Green Spine project. A formal Request for Proposal will be issued to support the selection of a qualified contractor to initiate construction in Q3 or Q4, 2023.

Green Spine Aerial

Simply put, the Green Spine in Capstone is a manicured green pathway or ‘desire line’ for pedestrians and cyclists which acts as a transitional space between the residential and commercial developments of Capstone and the greater downtown area. In the physical world desire lines are often observed in parks or grassed areas; they are those pathways which have been worn by people’s feet as the shortest and easiest route to move from point A to point B. 

So, the Green Spine provide residents and visitors with easy access from Taylor Drive into the community and vice versa. The Green Spine project will include a boardwalk, rest areas, a pond and a recirculating stream. 

Since the high quality public realm of Capstone is intended to support vibrant and healthy lifestyles, development opportunities around the Green Spine are highly coveted and attractive to developers interested in building low to mid rise, multi-family homes.

Green Spine Pond
Artistic rendering of Capstone, concept only. 

As the pinnacle of urban living in Red Deer, Capstone anticipates the future living needs of the next generation of Red Deerians and responds to their desire to live in an urban environment close to recreation, amenities, services and cultural experiences. Urban districts like Capstone, are recognized as successful neighbourhoods because they balance development and connections with energy and creativity.