Capstone Quest

*The current smoke and air quality in Red Deer could pose a health risk for strenuous outdoor activities. We are extending the Capstone Quest until August 2, to allow for safe participation.*

Ever wish life was a little more like your favourite adventure stories? Well, now it can be, with the Capstone Quest. It’s an epic scavenger hunt to kick off Capstone’s #SummerOfCuriosity, where we’ll transform Capstone and Downtown Red Deer into an amazing urban playground for the Capstone Quest, running from July 19 to Aug. 2!


Starting at Canada 150 Square, you can choose either a long or short course to solve clues and capture checkpoints to win. Whether you decide to hop on an e-scooter, bring your own bike, or walk around the neighbourhood, it’s free to play, and there are 20 prizes totalling $750 up for grabs—all you need is a fully charged smartphone with data, comfy clothes and shoes, plenty of water, and you’re all set! Set off on your own, grab your closest friends, or make it a family day out as you explore the known and unknown streets of the neighbourhood.


First, register to the event by completing the online form and confirming your email address. Then, download the RAIDx app onto your smartphone and choose a Capstone Quest course or try both!

Follow the clues and use the RAIDx app to find checkpoints. Once you’re at the location that the clue took you to, validate it in the app by pressing the flag button. If you’re correct, then the checkpoint will appear on the map! Keep doing this, and you could win a gift card to redeem at selected stores in the neighbourhood!

Capstone Quest is powered by RaidX

Capstone Quest Rules and Regulations (pdf)