Doyle Rivet Lawyers are making a name for themselves as a new business in Capstone at Riverlands, and Mayor Tara Veer and new City Manager Allan Seabrooke stopped in for a visit last week to welcome Eron Doyle, Tyson Rivet, and their staff to the downtown business community.

The informal meet and greet was the first of many to come, enabling Mayor Veer and City Manager Seabrooke to understand why Doyle Rivet chose Capstone, what it was like to work with The City and how Doyle Rivet plans to grow in the future. 

Over the last number of years, Capstone at Riverlands has dramatically changedNew businesses continue to move into the neighbourhood with others expanding and growing their business. For Doyle Rivet, accessibility and financial viability were the deciding factors when they chose Capstone, and with all of the ongoing investment in infrastructure, and upgrades in the community, doing business here will only get better.

Doyle Rivet Lawyers are currently one of approximately 120 businesses located in Capstone. The neighbourhood also boasts a number of other professional, entertainment, retail, food and beverage businesses as well as residential living opportunities in places along Red Deer’s unique riverfront.

Right now, The City owns approximately 10 hectares of developable land, which includes land earmarked for future development, trails, parks and amenities. The City has and continues to make a number of improvements to prepare the area for future development. These improvements include everything from upgrades to servicing, roadways, landscaping, parking and public gathering spaces.

For businesses like Doyle Rivet, and others, connectivity is key; it is with this in mind, that The City constructed a new intersection to improve access into the neighbourhood, with Alexander Way serving as the main conduit from the downtown core to the businesses in the area and to the riverfront.

In 2019, The City continued to focus on work that will enable us to be nimble as new and expanding businesses call Capstone home. This includes the extension of servicing into undeveloped areas.

During their visit to Doyle Rivet Lawyers, Mayor Veer and City Manager Seabrooke both highlighted the importance of being business friendly as Red Deer continues to focus on economic development.

“We are working hard to ensure we are increasingly responsive to the ever-changing needs of local business and entrepreneurs. We are exploring ways to reduce red tape while focusing on economic development and building relationships with local business,” says Seabrooke. “We simply cannot underestimate the value of retaining and expanding local businesses downtown and across the city. We need to innovate and explore news ways of doing business for the benefit of our entire city.”

“Capstone is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redevelop our downtown riverfront. We are beginning to see private sector response to the public infrastructure investment at Capstone, and this new business is hopefully only the beginnings of all that is to come,” said Mayor Veer.

Without doubt, the Capstone neighbourhood will continue to grow and change as businesses like Doyle Rivet Lawyers move into the area. It is all part of the process. It is all part of building a sustainable neighbourhood; a neighbourhood that adapts and grows alongside the community – with Red Deerians, for Red Deerians.

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