As the world around us evolves and adapts to keep pace with the changing times, we at The City of Red Deer have been thinking about what it would be like to create a community that’s both close to nature and to city life. And what would Red Deerians think it would be like to live in a place where working, socializing and recreating could happen on their doorstep?

The city’s residents have always enjoyed easy access to natural beauty, and its many businesses (fueled by oil and gas, agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing) have had rapid, direct access to resources and to most of the province’s population. But Red Deerians are changing and evolving with the times. And with a college that provides a highly skilled and educated workforce, as well as support for entrepreneurs, tech and applied sciences, we knew that Red Deer must cater to not just the present, but also the future.

An ambitious goal for the future

The vision for Capstone began as early as 2009, when The City saw the potential of transforming what used to be a quarry (and former civic yards) into a vibrant community that’s both close to the river and the city, a place where working, socializing and recreating could happen on your doorstep. Over time, a bold new master plan for the urban riverside community of Capstone was designed in collaboration with Gehl, one of the world’s best planning firms—helping Red Deer define the kind of city it wants to be.

Capstone is a welcoming community where the next generation of Red Deerians will live, work and recreate, and a destination neighbourhood that puts Red Deer at the forefront of city-building not only in Alberta, but in Canada. It’s been collectively accomplished by a team of local stakeholders and international specialists equipped with both the experience and the expertise required for a project of this magnitude—a 20-year master plan vision which, when completed, will make Capstone home to over 2,000 new residences and 5,000 new residents.


Capstone area, 1980, Red Deer and District Archives, N5418

Investing in the place, for the people

The 18 acres of developable, city-owned land within Capstone benefit from the master plan’s forward-looking, people-first principles, which set the standard for development in the region and make Capstone a prime opportunity. Since 2015, more than $935 million has been put into Red Deer and surrounding areas by the province and the municipality; these are investments that will benefit future residents in ways both big and small.

For instance, The Red Deer Regional Hospital Expansion will increase the capacity of one of the busiest hospitals in the province, paving the way for Capstone to become home to a range of healthcare professionals looking for walk-to access to work, home and recreation. Add to that the $207 million Red Deer Justice Centre, the $36 million G.H. Dawe Community Centre Expansion, and of course, the $113.5 million undertaking that is The Bowden Re-Refinery—it all adds up to the economic growth of Red Deer, and a workforce that could find a place to belong in Capstone.

Creating holistic lifestyle experiences

The neighbourhood itself is already surrounded by experiences that will give its very first residents the kind of amenities and services that most new communities only dream of—riverfront trails, a commercial park of stores and services, thoughtfully-considered public gathering spaces, walking access to a movie theatre and downtown, and much more. Of course, the recent announcement of the Capstone Park development by Calgary’s Brad Remington Homes—the first investment of private equity into the Capstone community—has set the stage for additional interest from both commercial and residential developers. Sales of Capstone Park began in early March, and interest from potential residents is strong.

Capstone helps future-proof Red Deer because it embraces what’s coming with a bold vision for a community of ideas and amenities designed to make people comfortable now and tomorrow. It’s bringing to life the ambition of an exceptional master plan, with new forms of multi-family homes and new prospects for people looking for something different. It’s where the luxury of living on the river can go hand in hand with affordability. That will enrich the entire community and region.

Capstone is Red Deer’s opportunity to plan for the future of city living for all Red Deerians; a master-planned community that sets the standard for city neighbourhoods across the province and builds a vibrant, healthy, inclusive and passionately optimistic place that’s connected to new ideas and explores fresh ways of living.


The Green Spine enhances connections between Capstone and its neighbours

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