Since 2013, The City of Red Deer has invested in a number of community improvements to make Capstone development-ready. The work completed over the past 7 years includes the development of the Riverwalk pathway and Green Spine, significant road improvements (including a new intersection at Taylor Drive and Alexander Way); improved landscaping and parking; site servicing, utility connections, remediation and other work. In addition, new public gathering areas such as Canada 150 Square were also constructed as part of the revitalized area. 

This upfront investment in the public realm and horizontal infrastrucure is critical to attract private, third-party investment to the area and will ensure that the City realizes its longer term objectives around densification, financial return and sustainabillity in the greater Downtown area. 

A considerable amount of work has been completed over these past 7 years and we are grateful to the local business community and residents of Capstone for their patience  during these impacts, including trail closures, construction noise & debris, detours and traffic interruptions. We are thrilled to have the majority of the construction work completed in the area and hope that you will continue to enjoy many of these newly constructed community amenities.

In the meantime, here's a breakdown of the work completed in each phase and stage of construction, including some "before and after" shots of the work completed. Enjoy!

Stage/DateWork Completed
Stage 1: 2013 - 2014
  • Ross Street and Taylor Drive intersection improvements
  • Environmental testing in the former Civic Yards
  • Demolition of former civic building
Stage 2: 2015, 2017, 2018
  • Taylor Drive and Alexander Way intersection improvements
  • Alexander Way and 54 Ave reconstruction
  • Burial of the AltraLink Transmission line along the riverfront from Taylor Drive to Westpark
  • Environmental remediation work in the former Civic Yards
  • Water trunk replacement along the riverfront from Taylor Drive to Westpark
  • New storm water trunk along Taylor Drive from 54 Ave to the river, including treatment units
  • New water, storm and sanitary mains and services along Alexander Way and 45 Street
Stage 3: 2018 - 2020
  • Alexander way construction from 54 Ave to riverfront (45 Street)
  • 45 street reconstruction from Alexander Way to 5560 45 Street
  • New gas, electrical, and communications infrastructure along Alexander Way and 45 Street
  • New intersection on Alexander Way at the Green Spine
  • Phase 1 of Green Spine from Taylor Drive to Alexander Way
  • Canada 150 Square, including decorative fountain and fountain control building
  • Riverwalk, from Taylor Drive to Westpark
  • Parking lot at Canada 150 Square
Stage 4 & 5: Future
  • Phase 2 and 3 of Green Spine (new amenities)
  • Welcome Square (south side of Alexander Way from Taylor Drive to 54 Avenue)
  • New sidewalk connections and improvements
  • Extension of 54 Ave to the riverfront
  • Green Spine road construction
  • Riverwalk promenade pedestrian roadway construction from Canada 150 Square to Taylor Drive