Capstone is a mixed-use project combining residential, commercial, cultural spaces and outdoor amenities, bringing together everything that makes Red Deer a great place to live. Below you will find the Area Redevelopment Plan, Land Use Bylaws, and Land Sales Information for Capstone.

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Find out more about life in a city neighbourhood where nature and the Red Deer River live on your doorstep.
Capstone Vision Brochure (pdf)

Capstone Development Parcel Map

Interested Developers can review the Parcel Map, including Land Use and Existing Uses.

Capstone Development Parcel Map (pdf)

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Capstone Developer Brochure

Find out the whole story of Capstone, with master plan details and a map of available development parcels.

Capstone Developer Brochure (pdf)

Land Use Bylaw Fact Sheet

The Land Use Bylaw Fact Sheet provides an overview of the three distinct land use districts in Capstone, including a map and the key guidelines for planning and development.

Land Use Bylaw - Fact Sheet (pdf)

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Land Sales Information Package

Interested developers should review the information provided and contact our team to start discussions for the first phase of development in Capstone.

Land Sales Information Package (pdf)

Land Use Bylaw

In 2016 The City of Red Deer approved the Riverlands District and Development Standards Land Use Bylaw. Part 10 is specific to the Capstone area, and contains uses and development standards key to developing the community.

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Area Redevelopment Plan

The City of Red Deer's principle planning document was updated in 2016 to provide a clear vision for the community's redevelopment. In this document, you'll find the guiding principles, policies and key actions to achieve development goals.

Area Redevelopment Plan (pdf)