City breaks ground on Canada 150 square

Today’s announcement came on the heels of Wednesday’s news that the former Riverlands district will now officially be called Capstone at Riverlands, and today’s naming and ground breaking ceremony marks the first of many changes and redevelopment that is yet to come within the Capstone neighbourhood.

“The naming of this square marks a milestone for Red Deer. The name was chosen because it honours and represents connectedness to our country all while looking to the future as we create a space where people can engage in community life. It is a celebration of 150 years of confederation. It is a celebration of our citizens’ pride for their community and their country,” said Mayor Tara Veer.

Canada 150 Square / Place Canada 150 will be a pedestrian friendly space where citizens may enjoy everything from festivals to sporting activities and special events. An extension of the Waskasoo Park system, Canada 150 Square / Place Canada 150 will serve as part of a continuous pedestrian link to downtown Red Deer.

“We do not yet know exactly what the square will look like, but we are revealing some conceptual images today, which highlights our commitment to a versatile, innovative and, accessible space where citizens can gather, relax and connect. It will be an experience-focused space built with sustainability, vitality and innovation in mind,” said City Manager Craig Curtis.

While redevelopment of the neighbourhood is expected to be a long term transformation, the square is expected to open in the fall of 2018 with construction starting next spring.

“This is an exciting time for our community,” said Mayor Veer. “As a growing city of more than 100,000 citizens, public spaces like Canada 150 Square / Place Canada 150 are more important than ever before. They are the anchors that bring our citizens together. This square is also the first public amenity project at Capstone and is a realization of the longstanding vision for Riverlands.”

The Canada 150 Square / Place Canada 150 is part of the overall development budget for Riverlands, which will ultimately be recovered through land sales and taxes.