Construction in Capstone


A vibrant new community is just around the corner! Capstone at Riverlands will be wrapping up construction on several major projects in 2019, while continuing others.


Here's what's happening in 2019:

Alexander Way

Alexander Way is a key gateway for Capstone. The remaining work will be completed in 2019 and includes electrical, communications, and gas line installations; flex parking lanes; street planters; sidewalks; bike paths; landscaping, street lighting and furniture. During construction, Alexander Way will close with signage and detours in place.  

Entryway (Carnival Cinemas)

Work in this area will include shallow utility work, installing sidewalks, streetlights and landscaping. There won’t be any road closures or access impacts to Carnival Cinemas.

Canada 150 Square

Canada 150 Square will be a focal point in Capstone. Work will continue in 2019, with no traffic impacts.

Parking Lot

Construction will start on the parking lot located east of Canada 150 Square and south of Alexander Way.  This will add over 60 parking stalls to the area.

South and North Riverwalk

A key natural feature of Capstone, the Riverwalk takes advantage of the natural features of the area. Work will continue in 2019, and although there won’t be any traffic impact; there will be trail closures.

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